Hearts Hair Scrunchies | Red and Pink Scrunchy | Pony Tail Hair Tie

Hooked Stitch by Stitch

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This pretty hair scrunchy is all the new rave! Enjoy this beautiful hearts and shimmer print with all your beautiful hair styles! Every single one of these hair scrunchies are handcrafted from start to finished. We take our time to dive into the world of fabric selection and make sure to choose colors and prints that you will absolutely love. Next we cut every piece and hand make each and every hair accessory and scrunchies to make sure you get the best quality product! 

* What you get: 1 Pack SET of 2 hair Scrunchies of the same Print/ Color 

* Color/Pattern: Hearts and Shimmer

* Material: Cotton Woven Fabric

* Dimensions: Edge to edge it is about 5 to 5.5 inches wide un-stretched. 

* Care Instructions: Best if hand washed and let it air dry. If washing in machine (totally okay) I suggest to put the scrunchy inside accessory bag. Air dry flat. 

* Variations: We buy fabric by the bolt with the same repeated patterns. Please note that the shade or patterns may be shifted with each cut. Some designs are perfectly symmetrical while others may not be.

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