Reusable Fabric Face Mask

These reusable cloth face masks are made with 100% cotton and/or Flannel. 
In theory these are reversible. One one side has a solid color and the "front" side is a decorative design of choice. Many people have told me they wear the solid color as the mouth piece. 

Choose from various sizes. 
Adult size: Mask 9x6 Elastic cut at 7.5 inches long. 
Child Size Ages 8 and under: Mask 8x5 Elastic cut at 6.5 inches 
Child Size Ages 9+: Mask 9x6 Elastic cut at 6.5 inches 
Large Adult size 9x7 Elastic cut at 8 inches 

**I cut each fabric by hand. Not every mask will look identical to another as the designs may shift with each cut. So art design may slightly vary from mask to mask.**

Note: These masks are not N95 or surgical mask grade. These handmade masks are NOT intended to replace any medical grade masks. 

Care instructions: 
Please hand wash with warm water. and air dry flat. You may iron it once its done to flatten the pleats. by ironing the mask it will have the crisp new look once again. 
You may also dip the mask without the elastics in more of a HOT water and add some white distilled vinegar in the water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This can help further clean your mask, almost like a pre-wash cycle. Then hand wash with warm soapy  water and detergent as you please. 

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